Tips To Health & Physique Improvement for People with Physically Demanding Jobs

I’ve noticed how a good part of my friends and readers are in fact on some heavy duty out there; scuba-divers, builders, mechanics and more of back breaking fuckery.  So here are a few tips that worked for them, me and things that pro guys usually advise.

Your diet

This piece is based on common human behavior and how to fool it. First of all, two major components on which most diets commonly agree: protein and vegetables. 

  1. Protein bars.
    Easier than protein shakes, goes easier with coffee and can be carried around w/o issues. 
    Honestly, whatever helps you to fill up muscle during the day, even if its BCAA drink (which is an absolute waste of money, but still). 
  2. Vegetables should be responsible for 80% of your calorie intake during lunch break. 
    This by far is the most important, as per usual, there is no chance in hell you will come home after a busy day and your first thought will be to put half kilo worth of greens on your plate. Hell naw. On the other hand, while you are at work going autopilot in a vegetable state, might as well consume 500g of baby-carrots, spinach or whatever while your mind is still rambling around work process and sees everything as food for your mouth to chop.


    Pro tip on veggies

    It’s a little known fact, but frozen veggies are way more nutritious and actually came to ripe state during the growth period instead of delivery (in trucks, boats etc.) like the ones you get off the shelves.

    Preparing them is even easier, all you need is hot water, not even boiled. Fill up a bowl with veggies with some hot water, pour it out, repeat til unfrozen.

    Consume with salt, ketchup, lime/lemon juice or with whatever your sick and twisted imagination comes up.


Now this one is a little bit more tricky, yet here is to clarify two things.

  1. 20 minute outdoor workout (pushups, pullups, TRX, resistance-bands work) will always yield better results and muscle retention than none.
  2. Not having access to gym equipment will lead to dogshit progression regardless of how hardcore you’ll go with street workout, bands and TRX.

Now, easiest and smartest way is to have gym equipment at home, some sort of squat rack, barbell and perhaps a cable machine for variations (arms, shoulders, back).

Business trips

Talking from personal experience, on business trips where you are staying for the way lower amount of time than gym subscription demands, try to sneak in for few gym trials here and there while mixing up with some TRX and street stuff. Usually you will be too busy to keep your workouts to your fullest anyhow, so just to proc muscles under tension with some weight should do the trick. General rule, you want to work full body at least twice per week. Obviously the more the better.

Beginners will see progress from this. But for Intermediate and Advanced lifters it’s more of a ego battle and joint recovery time, in short you can turn this into win-win regardless.

Aidas Sungaila

Jack of all trades. www.barbfintess.me

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