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Okay, look, if there was a time when you abso-f$$$ing-lutely should’ve listened to me, here is your second chance.  Don’t fyck it up! 

For a couple of years I’ve kept my eye on what Anthony was cooking. Not simply because he’s a CEO of IIFYM, but his whole persona of which one could get a glimpse through his rare public statuses, that he finally started expanding. After bugging him for a while with few others and hinting here and there to start his own blog, he finally did it. On top of that he’s preparing a book that should be finished by the end of the summer. Despite a bad rep for this word combo I’m about to use, Anthony has everything one needs to be the “best selling self help guru”, and I’m feeling bad for not spreading the word sooner.

– Alright Aidas, he’s a CEO so what? There are tons of smart CEO’s.
Well, Anthony was way worse off, battling drug addiction on top of other issues. Majority in his shoes would simply quit, degrade even further and become more hateful. But Anthony is all about sincere peace of mind and passion. Anyhow, there is also a project that he’s doing right now called MacroMindShift.com


Take a peak on one of his videos titled “The most important tool I ever used to rebuild myself from scratch”.


The most important tool I ever used to rebuild myself from scratch

Posted by Anthony Collova on Monday, April 2, 2018



Anthony gave impression of someone who was hiding a ton of valuable information from public eyes and I’m glad that he’s finally sharing it. Everyone should follow his page as I feel we all could get rid of some hate. 

Aidas Sungaila

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