This Is Why Keto Is Inferior When It Comes To Performance

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Keto is easy, just eat as much protein as you want and a certain amount of fat, haha no issues, right?
NO. And I am about to tell you why that is so fucking wrong and why you should stick to a regular diet plan.


Here you are looking at Gluconeogenesis layman chart, a process in which 50% of amino acids from excess protein are being used in combination with Glycerol (one of ketone bodies) to create Glucose. This occurs in those who are not on a Ketogenic diet, but on a Low Carbohydrate diet, however they still refer to that as being on a “keto”.

Now what’s so completely moronic about this diet when it comes to performing your best at the gym?

Energy expenditure timing.

– Energy expenditure timing? What are you talking about?

When you are in a starvation mode and denying yourself carbs, your body will binge glucose as fast as possible through the day simply because it is preferable source of energy. In this way you won’t be able to target glucose for a specific window when it matters the most, during your workout.

Alright, but why a proper Keto diet is worse than one with carbs in it?

When it comes to calories, keto diet did as well for complete noobs as any other diet. Insulin sensitivity, weight loss, LBM (lean body mass) all were equal.
However folks on keto lost water, which is not a good thing. On top of that a new study came out stating that Keto diet impair various measures of performance (including peak power and VO2max) in elite athletes. And I am pretty sure that was for reasons mentioned here.


Fat loss isn’t easy and never will be. Our body is literally consuming itself for calories. So having that extra energy boost during a workout in a form of Pre Workout meal, shake or an actual ice cream if you are not a pussy should do wonders.



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