Henry Rollins – Jackass Of All Trades Desperate for Work

Despite Henry being a spaz he is, his work output is great and he remains relevant nowadays by saying yes to whichever gig he gets. Alike a teen who’s happy to do be a part of anything that accepts him. Many lose that ability with age. Our past chisels our future decisions and quite often we become branded versions of ourselves. Later in life, we won’t say ‘yes’ to many gigs and ideas. Watch this video to get the idea.

Henry on the other hand, as an ex-punk rocker, lead singer for Black Flag. Partook both in kids’ movies and also played as a cop after being anti-cop most of his life. Some would say he’s a sell-out, but he haven’t changed his attitude towards anything.

The locomotive behind it is anger, he hates to be at his house with a passion, and I couldn’t relate more to that. Doesn’t matter where I’m staying. I can’t stand to be there for longer than 3 hours. I have a sudden urge to get out or do any sort of work, unfortunately, home is usually an anti-productive environment.

Cure for Back Pain is Work

My life was already being jam-packed and I noticed myself, how much more relieved and healthier I’ve felt away from my house doing however trivial or important things. It didn’t matter what it was as long as it could count as something of value that had to be put effort into. Which is the same case for Henry.

Results of continual work output:

  • Anger
  • Compassion for others
  • Relief

Now, you may ask how come “anger” stay in that list with another two? It’s not an oxymoron. Word “anger” doesn’t always mean “fuck everyone, I want to beat someone”. Anger is a state, a form, from which a person can still love his kid and wish someone wholeheartedly a good day.

Things you get from dwelling:

  • Hate
  • Contempt for others
  • Suffocation

Everyone had an experience with an overweight privileged person in a restaurant complaining or being rude to staff for absolutely no reason what so ever. I can bet my dick that most of them had bare minimum work output. Output which was either so low that it couldn’t benefit their family or mankind, or they had in them way more to give and way more could be done. Since no exhaustion was felt, no service will satisfy them. Subconsciousness knows that they don’t deserve it, thus won’t enjoy it.

Aidas Sungaila

Jack of all trades. www.barbfintess.me

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