Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

Benefit from sophisticated and effective methods served to you in an easy-to-understand way on a golden plate.


How Does Coaching Happen?

  • Correspondence between coach and client happen via email. 

  • Concerns are addressed on a daily basis, often times within the hour they’re sent.

  • Spreadsheets are used to track training and/or nutrition. Check-ins are done on a weekly basis.

Will My Investments Be Worth it?

Coaching will provide the most comprehensive nutrition program with constant updates.

Sophisticated workouts to build dense, rock-hard muscle and raw strength.

Reply Within 24 Hour Period.

And Many Other Perks.

My coaching service is not for everyone, I require effort, discipline and constant connection. All I can say is that I know this game, becoming strong and losing fat is easy, hardest part is to maintain your progress and keep that ball rolling. 

Lana, 22

Her issue was toning up and gaining muscle mass around specific areas without putting her foot in the gym at which we succeeded. I tutored her via videos explaining and showing how to activate certain muscle groups for that Instagram fame.

Dima, 33

This badass added some solid strength in just 3 months and he brought all of his notes.  His working load for 5 reps went up badly! Squat 85kg to 120kg  Bench press 100kg to 110kg, Deadlift 100kg to 150kg.  We minimized muscle loss and got him looking real good.

Meghan, XX

As a model and actress there was a mayhem going on in her life with travels, film shoots and more. Her goal was to tone up for shoots and get those facial lines more in shape. She loved my  training programs and dietary tips that were truly flexible around her environment. 
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Marcus, 25

Guy is a machine. Working with him was pure pleasure. Guy knew everything and had solid experience. After insane casualties during his 6x month vacation, it took less than “1” month to get back into this shape.

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