6 Opinions In Regards To Eating Healthy

I’ll start off by assuming that you are healthy individual and don’t have celiac disease, crohn or diabetes.

Now, since you can manage any food, let’s get to it.

Cream soups.

Do you think this spinach cream soup with beans and arugula cost a lot per plate?
No. Is it delicious? Fuck yes.

How to make it? Like any other cream soup, figure it out on your own but here is variation of broccoli soup by Gardon Ramsay.


Eggs are fine.

Honestly, eggs are way too nutritious and good.

Whole controversy was brought up by some asshole in 2000s when topic on margarine(long lasting butter with trans fats in it) occurred. To sell it better they decided to call eggs a devil for a reason I can’t remember right, but basically they dig up a study from 1970. Where “bunnies” a non carnivore animal was fed insane amounts of egg yolks. Of course their health state was horrible, however some scientist made observation on chicken farm where eggs were laid down. He found out that women who worked there not only had above average health, but they were consuming 3 to 11 eggs daily.

So yeah, eggs are fine.

Decorate your damn food.

No, seriously. A leaf of basil or even a piece of burned pine as showed in picture under will turn any meal into pleasing experience.
Just a few from my head right now:

  • Cut onions, stir fry them, throw on a side.
  • Cut a slice of lemon and put it on a side of your cup.
  • Throw dill on top of your steak.
  • Mix sour cream with spices and put in a tiny deep dish on a side.

Use butter.

Look, I get it, we are trying to minimize calories from fat and all, but let’s be honest, everyone hates olive oil and sunflower seed does’t cut it either when it comes to taste. Have you seen how butter is being made?  Watch it.  It’s a simple 45% cream mixed/shaked up. You are drinking milkshakes and eating chocolate yet  you’ll tell me that you are afraid of butter? Get out of here.


Buy somewhat exotic vegetables and fruits on sale.

Look, I get it sometimes we don’t want that certain thing on sale. However, you do need a break from your daily routine from time to time. You can always google or pinterest a recipe.


Don’t be a drama queen about fat percentage.

Look, if you are not on a diet and you exercise often, there is no excuse not to buy ground meat, Philadelphia cheese, chips, and more.

It all boils down to how many calories you consume daily anyway. Plus spoiler alarm, you don’t really need so much protein as most coaches preach. If a healthy male would be consuming nothing else but bread and milk he’d be getting above 110g protein daily. That’s nearly double the need according to RDA which is 56 grams a day.

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