You’re Not Ugly, You Just Genuinely Suck.

Okay, first of if your face legit looks like it was wrecked with a baseball bat, knuckle and a poor man’s knife, you’re doomed. But if your face is just a little crooked, if your eyebrows are together or nose is a bit bigger than usual. Then that is not an issue. Just don’t suck. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, keep that in mind.

Imagine you are missing one leg then picture yourself as Captain Blackbeard;
standing on a hill with a sword in your hand and leg on the chest full of gold.

How not to suck? (figuratively)

Well, now when we are set straight, here are a few basics.
– Be a decent human being.

Do you give your unsolicited advice left and right? Do you ask yourself how person would feel? Are you that asshole who leaves a cup on a table?  You should get the point by now.


You’re not really ugly, you simply lack style and brio.

Take a good look at celebrities. They look legit during some fashion award show, but expect those times, when paparazzi makes a shot of them on the street, they tend to look basic or even worse than average joe does. Hell, you probably even look better morning after dense drinking.


You’re not investing in shit you’re truly hyped about.

Each and everyone of us has idols, with whom we would love to trade places. However, even they aren’t liked by everyone. So don’t expect to be accepted fully. If somebody doesn’t likes your lifestyle or taste, why should you care? You don’t find the majority of people ultra attractive as well. So forget it  *poof*  it is gone.

I constantly hear how people tell me that I am not as big, than some tell me that I look more jacked, sure it’s good to hear. But it still doesn’t matter, what matters is that I like how I look.

The only exception to not follow your desires would be living in a 3rd world country where you will be left without shelter and starve to death for not following the tribe.

Should I just ignore people?


Yes and no. You have to learn how to express yourself without feeling shy or retarded from personal experience. If you’d check note of most badass celebs, you will see a common thing, they had a passion but they simply sucked and looked ridiculous. Yet they adapted and learned.


You have to go extremes to extend borders, find the ideal middle ground. If you don’t know your highest and lowest how can you be sure of your “optimal” state? Experience is always an experience, just don’t go full retard.


Not happy? Do something about it. Still not happy? Keep doing till you get the spot and rub that spot till you finally can say that this makes you happier and happier.

I understand, sometimes you can’t do much and feel trapped. But be patient, give your best towards a change and give it the time it requires. Try different looks, treat yourself to a spa, try to eat healthier, get a new pair of fancy shoes.


To sum it up; Follow your most intense obsession mercilessly. – Kafka

Aidas Sungaila

Jack of all trades. www.barbfintess.me

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