Truth Behind Steroids And What Dumbasses Don’t Know About

DISCLAIMER: Don’t expect practical guide or cycle from this article. I won’t encourage anyone to start using that shit, if something you should be scared of a bigger picture. I will go through main topics and compounds for side effects when there are far more in existence.  

First of all, let me explain what this article is about.

There are many legit users that know how to “own the risk” properly. Yet many dumbasses get from a dealer two tubs of testosterone that were brewed in some underground laboratory and think that their effort ends there, however I reassure you that’s not even top of the iceberg.

Now I know, I am natural average lifter, why should you listen to me? Well, probably because just like owning a NASA t-shirt doesn’t turn you into astronaut, injecting shit in your body doesn’t make you a well read specialist. Don’t get me wrong, I am far not one as well, but I do read and listen to folks that are being paid to research and help unfortunate ones with recovery.

In short: I don’t give a damn about your brosceince, got an issue with what written here? Provide me hard data, I don’t care about your god forsaken dogma, misinformation is harmful.

Let’s get started

We can’t look down that Androgenic Anabolic Steroids take a huge part in not only Bodybuilding and Powerlifting but in nearly every sport in general. I got my part of knowledge from chats, researches, books and private conversations with people who actually ran blood tests while trying out random drugs.
Now, I’m not going to talk about legality and everything else because in places like United Kingdom it is legal to use Anabolic steroids, but in Norway one gets screwed for extra dose of caffeine, even though I am a Lithuanian citizen where it was legal to use right before 2014. Also if someone wishes to question my natural status, I am up for blood test anytime, as long as I’m not paying for it.


The reason why I specify this one to “dumbasses” is simply because too many people jump on steroid use without acknowledging what the hell they are dealing with and how to do it. Many search for cycles and just run with it. Later they read up on the side effects and freak out. “Omg, am I getting bitch tits/am I balding?!” Well, something of that nature. Not even mentioning severe cases of acne, high blood pressure, underground lab infected oils and scar tissue.  I could address most of them since people usually bug me with questions once in a while, but I will go with casual topics.



First things first, encyclopedia



Many say that they’ve read it, but its a lie, so don’t stress it, but you can always look up if you are wondering about something. Also, this book puts steroids in a dark place and criticize them. Most of people who are actually into hormonal studies will disagree and laugh at Llewellyn.



RBC/Hematocrit incease

Many of you heard how steroids provide fake muscle mass aka “air” or “water”. That’s due to hormonal fluid retention and glycogen, but for some part RBC (red blood cell) and Hematocrit increase can play a role. That would be the main reason why those bros at the gym who look bigger yet they bench 100kg for 8 while you do 110kg for 10. People who jump on steroids look different after 3 – 4 weeks due to extra water. In that time frame there is no chance in hell one would pack insane amount of muscle, that’s water, babe.

High RBC isn’t so bad, but one will feel uncomfortable, like some foggy feeling is in one’s body. If you use AAS (Androgenic Anabolic Steroids) regularly make sure you are checking your Hematocrit. AAS itself might not be harmful, but having syrup for blood sure as fuck is. 45 – 50% HCT is ideal, anything over that and you need to donate blood. HCT is directly related to strain on your heart. People with 40 – 45% HCT live longer than people with 50%<

Also those who don’t donate blood, drain it. And it looks pretty much like this:


This is beyond stupid, if you will pass out you won’t wake up. Therefore I wouldn’t risk it.



Gynecomastia aka bitch tits

To avoid those people tend to use AI “Aromatase Inhibitors”. AI drugs counter estrogenic side effects by preventing the production of estrogen in the body. Why would you use AI drugs? Well the “mood swings” that people are talking about occur due to Estrogen, which raises at once with Testosterone.
Now there are many forms of AI such as Arimidex or Letrozole. These tend to grind ones joints, bone density and deprive the body of a hormone that is important to cardiovascular health. Some prefer just to use  SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) such as Nolvadex (breast cancer medicine) when they feel a lump growing in their chest. I’m not going to put a real life picture, it looks ugly and you can simply google it yourself.



Balding or male pattern baldness

Also known as androgeneticalopecia, is the most common type of baldness in men. Hair at the temples and on the crown will slowly thin and eventually disappear. There is a genetic component to male pattern baldness, and DHT is thought to be one of the major factors involved in its etiology.


In other words, men who go bald have it predicted by genetics. And once one starts using steroids process of balding will emerge quickly if appropriate measurements won’t be taken. There is a whole boring path, but what you need to focus is on stopping DHT from taking down hair roots. To do so there is only one good option. Nizoral shampoo, wash your hair, put it on for 5 min and rinse it repeat twice a week. Even if you aren’t using steroids but are prone to balding this will help tremendously. Other hair growth drugs like Minoxidil (legal) and Finasteride (illegal) are pointless, not only they kill off your old hair to make space for growth, once you stop using it newly grown hair will fall out. Also Finasteride  has insane side effects: impotence, swelling, weakness, headache etc. Side effects of that drug are too long and too dangerous, one guy from common circles actually took his life after experiencing the “post Finasteride syndrome” for almost two years. So stay away from that shit. In the worst case scenario, travel to Istanbul or Poland and get yourself hair transplantation surgery for 1.500,00 $ and live happily ever after.



Acne and cure

Steroids tend to induce acne even on those who never had it. Obviously one should shower more, but if you are looking for solution than there is always benzoyl peroxide for the rescue. That baby help many people with gross pimples and red skin.
However if it doesn’t help there is always Accutane to the rescue. Now you can get it only by talking to your MD, usually everything goes smoothly but it still has many side effects. Common thing is that people feel as if their skin is paper thin, but it sure kills the WORST cases of acne. Some also might prefer antibiotic “erythromycin” which is useful for the treatment of a number of bacterial infections.




Back to blood pressure

This topic is too complicated to give a simplistic answer. But in the most cases, people have simply a really shitty diet. They completely ignore healthy fats i.e. omega 3, from nuts, seeds and fish oils. They ignore minerals, vitamins and cardio. People gain 1/5 of their body weight in four months, which is already stressing body without extra drugs that take it step further. So fix those things, speak with a doctor for Christ sake.



Once again, I am just telling few small things that bother me with people around. I am not going to call out names, but people really need to take these things more seriously. I know I can’t stop anyone from using but at least I can help with this. Most people who started using steroids did so because they didn’t progress, they had a shitty workout, diet and no adherence to routine what so ever. Only after they’ve began using, they’ve started to realise how little did they know about everything. If you can’t row 150kg deadlift 250kg bench 160kg and squat 220kg, chances are that you really need to fix your routine and nutrition instead of buying steroids, AAS are far more complicated than lifting and diet, not even mentioning the unnecessary risk.





RBC/Hematocrit incease.
Gynecomastia, Nolva
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Male Pattern Baldness
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Blood Pressure

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