The rise of pseudo intellectual two faced sociopaths.

Ever heard someone who sounds like he has a cock in his mouth? No it’s not about voice, it’s about their message.
Seems like every single week I’m having a dejavu.

Opening facebook, checking news feed and seeing the same old dumb pile of shit which was rewritten thousands of times. I see quotes about life and  rephrased explanations on fitness with use of witty words that barely even fit the description. People re-chew what top influencers spit out, everyone already knows about what their article or podcast going to be, just with extra scientific witty jargon and more wimpy yet at same time still shitty examples.

Why those cunts do that shit? Why is this happening? Where is the originality?


“Let put this straight, the internet is fake, people lie about lives, personalities and activities. It’s up to you determinate where it’s real and where it’s not.” – Abdullah from the Glucose Network.


Often on the internet, there is one asshat who would make a sarcastic comment to downgrade someone, to put them on an “ignorant” side yet without providing any alternative answer whatsoever. And if they will be asked, they would answer with some ridiculous joke or a meme. Those are exactly the type of dumbfucks you want to avoid, they usually only open their mouth at a safe bet of gaining maximum amount of appreciation, they don’t care about providing to society, only their egos and building their own sociopathic empire.


As said previously, many people follow them despite the monstrous stench of lies. Why is so? Why are so many act like lunatics or puppets?

And don’t get me wrong, you can accept people with flaws, but there is a line. Some avoid that line with out providing or being too successful, for example Arnold and Weider, those two fucked over Mike Mentzer so badly, that he went insane and lived the rest of his life in misery. I know that many of my friends love Arnold and respect him a lot, however I can never see him as I did before. It’s just not possible. Sure, many would argue that Bodybuilding got popular thanks to them. However, bodybuilding was a castle built on a sand. Take a look what happens nowadays, more and more people come clean about the use of steroids lack of money, and how main cash flow comes from selling overpriced, and for the most part useless supplements to those who don’t know any better.


On the other hand, I can forgive Rich Piana for telling people to eat 4x scoops of Mutant Mass, I don’t know of his other corpses, though, but if that’s the only one I have no issues with him.


Now I don’t know anything about your activity or life. But be aware of these sociopaths, they are only there to use you.

Sociopaths usually love to have a loyal base of people who preach them without standing up to them and fighting battles for them. I personally know many, especially well read people who associate with them. Through them sociopaths gain bigger follow up. At this moment I am witnessing a young sociopath on a raise, and oh my god. That shit is something insanely cringe worthy. Their following for the most part is based of uneducated inexperienced noobs, it’s sad.

What baffles me is that those smart fucks I know, associate with these people. I guess they assume that somehow they will learn to provide as good as those socios. Little do they know, that they are lucky if 80% of things those socios wrote came out of their own rationalization, usually it’s a semi edited plagiarism.


Morale of this, take a good look from another perspective on whoever you admire. Ask which type of facade would insecure, fake, vomit indulging, Brad Pitt wanna be fuccbois use? Does he begs for his own good or he leaves it up to you to help him?

Aidas, you’re just a hater.” Well, don’t be mad at me, it’s not my fault there is an epidemic of insecure vomit indulging fake PhD Brad Pitt / Kim K wannabes. If your posts constantly give dominating vibe, that seriously perfect look. If you’re trying to act all smart and shit just to please people around, just to use them later. Shame on you. You will end up empowering yourself and downgrading people around. If you make others feel like shit you are exactly what’s wrong with this world.

B-bbut he/she made a bank! So what? Hitler made a bank as well. Some people make millions by selling bunk medicine, are they good people? They aren’t hurting anyone just misleading as well. Where is your logic now?

If this relates much to you, here is a piece of advice. Don’t try to sound witty on the internet. Nobody gives a fuck. Nobody, literally. Don’t ever say shit like “Drinking coffee is my credo“. You will sound only fancier to few f*cking noobs who don’t know any better, anyone who picked a few books in his lifetime will know what you’re about.


Aidas Sungaila

Jack of all trades. www.barbfintess.me

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