How to make your supplement stack more organised and interior friendly.

Okay, first you want to go and buy some of those damn fine IKEA jars. Casual ones won’t look so good.


When you’ve done that, pour all the contents out of these terrifying “steroid” yelling plastic bags into friendly IKEA jars.


Many also tend to buy the cheapest shit in bulk, and of course it comes in a cringe-worthy (just like my grammar) packaging.

Now grab some tape and write down what those magic contents are in your jars. This is of course exactly what I do for BCAA or greens.IMG_0557

Or you can go all 19th century alchemist mode.


Fancy, eh?


Here are  mine templates: winrar_icon_by_stumpy666davies-d5pve48readytocut

PSD files for photoshop wizards :psd beta alanine psdomega 3 psd creatine and psdclean version.

If for some reason you can print only black and white, do not worry. Follow this wiki guide to make your papers look old as shit.

Here’s what my paper labels began to look like after using the wiki guide. It all took approx. 20 minutes of waiting.

After that, you should carefully cut labels out and glue them on your jars.

Note: the largest one on top does not require any glue. Just cut that label in a somewhat round circle and stuff it from inside.

IMG_0156 IMG_0157

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks for reading, I hope this was useful.

Aidas Sungaila

Jack of all trades. www.barbfintess.me

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