Six things DOTA will remind you.

Quick about DOTA.

DOTA is MOBA game (multiplier online battle arena), where two teams of five people in each, attempt to destroy the enemy’s main building.

The main thing that I like about DOTA compared to League of Legends, is that creators don’t try to balance it out drastically; every hero is overpowered in his own way which adds to the challenge.

You see, to get good at this game you can’t just do whatever the hell you want and try your luck. Unless ofc, you’re a skilled nerd who calculates things, sees code etc. etc. Usually the secret for getting high in rank is simple.



Here we go, six things that you learn from playing dota.

  1.  Be kind. Whatever happens don’t let the anger take over you.


2.  Have fun. You are playing a damn game, not driving you friend to the airport at five in the morning.


3.  DO NOT IGNORE BASICS. This is the essential of a victory. If you ignore the basics and essentials, you will have an extremely hard time. First gather experience and gold, then go for the kill. If you’ll constantly throw away resources to kill an enemy hero, you will have a bad time.


  1. One horse pulled 100kg, two horses pull 300kg. It’s not a solo game. With teamwork, you will get much further than you think; everyone has duties to do.


5.  Take breaks. This one is cruicial. People often go on game spree, their eyes are red; they’re tired and annoyed. Yet excitement got them so badly that they simply can’t stop.


  1. It doesn’t matter how bad your situation is, there are always ways to turn the table around. With time of course, your chances decrease, however there is still a “chance”.


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