New Research Finds That People With Shit Social Life Love Mondays

A long-term study of 267 participants that wrote statuses on Facebook “You don’t hate Mondays you hate your job” and alike, has found that they lead shittier life than 75 year old elders.

A team of scientists at Ben Dover University presented new data which can help save hundreds if not thousands of lives thanks to Facebook search engine. “Usually these people are ultra desperate, they never enjoy themselves at parties if they go to any at all, all they can do is get drunk.” said Dr. Susan Clarkson.

“I haven’t seen anything like this through 45 years of my career.” Said Dr. John Bukowski “We were going with 50 participants, but we simply could not believe that they all could suffer from alike desperation and had equal boring loser behavior at every party.”

Later Dr. Susan showed us notes she took from a 40 years old male. “Patient claims to have amazing life as he is self employed at inherited family business were he reads morals all day long” I spoke to one of his employees “He throws party all the time, he forces us to join him there. Like, boss and employee? ¬†How weird is that! Dude probably has no friends.”

Data reveled that those people are in a bad need of a psychiatrist. Study also noticed correlation in most of participants between high ego, lack of modesty and being lonely. Further research must be done.

Source: Introvert Research Journal

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