Mad at yourself over skipped days?

Today I thought to myself, well crap… I can’t just write about this issue “Woah, you skipped a workout? Big deal!” That would sound silly and ridiculous, than I thought to myself “wait 99% of articles out there are serious yet useless for general population”, so here it goes…


First of all I beg pardon, since I am not on a rant mode while I’m writing this, thus this read might be not as exciting as it could be, but I will try to put forward main reasons why this topic is bothering me deeply and probably many of you, and most importantly, how to deal with it.


So to begin with it, Id like to tell you a story of how it usually goes with me.


– I feel stiff due to heavy lifting. (those who tell you that you don’t need to lift heavy till exhaustion, probably have long forgotten what gaining muscle feels like.)
– I get to the gym. I do one pull/squat as a warm up and say fuck it.
– I drive home and feel mad at myself.


Now, this is a common scenario, just one “but”. Even though I get angry, I remind myself about all those days I’ve been to the gym prior.

This, is the main key for staying on track, not to use beaten up Rocky quote on life, but it does matter how we stand up after life beats us down. Just in this case, our “pillar” lays in all those previous days we busted our assess off in the gym. Sure you’ve skipped this day. But in the last two years you’ve been in the gym 300~ times. And that’s something to be proud of.

Imagine this, you’ve been sparing for a house and bought yourself a huge TV that have sent you back a few months. Sure, feel bad. That was a dumb move and learn from your mistake, but then again, you have spared for so long, you can take that hit and get back on track.


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