Is Lady Gaga Fat? Your Mind Will Be Blown The Fuck Out!

Article brought to you by Lady Gaga internet shit storm.

After her performance at the Super Bowl game, internet gone mad. So this is to clarify few points.

There is a difference between being in the best shape, good shape, casual shape and daily average shape. Then there is overweight and obese.
And it is ultra hard to maintain “best shape”, I’d say impossible. It is possible to yo-yo from best to good but it’s all matter of genetics and lifestyle.


So yes, 99,9% of girls, according to fitness standards are fat. But yet the word “fat” only implies that there is weight to cut for the best shape, thus not an actual insult or attack on someone because being “fat” is natural body state.

Same with guys, in fact we claim to be fat til we hit those single digits of body fat. I don’t know about anyone else, but me and my friends in the gym criticize and troll living shit out of each other.

For example:
Me: Hey, you morbidly obese fat fuck, can you still see your dick or nah?
Friend: Hahaha, I just don’t want to end up being a skinny little bitch like you are.
Me: Lmfao, I am simply concerned about your health, you fucker. You are one cheeseburger away from a heart stroke.
So to sum this up, word “Fat” is a lazy body fat state description, in fitness it simply implies that person is not in his best shape thus everyone is fat, and it’s fine. You know why? Because the natural human state is to be fat, and the fatter you are, the higher are your chances of survival (I mean of course if you can, you know… function.) I am sure, some dumbasses utilize word “fat” as an insult, but why not simply ignore those cretins or call them nazis, thus gaining ability to falcon punch them?

Anyhow, Lady Gaga was not in her best shape and far from what we saw in her music videos for the last decade. But she is clearly not overweight or obese.  Even though, some may debate that she is overweight, but they are forgetting her muscle mass for performance plus her age.


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