How to make a well tasting Pruno “prison wine”.

First advice is, not to worry. It is hard to mess up the whole fermentation process.

Now, you’ll need:

oranges about 6-10, 240g (9 ounces) fruit cocktail, 40 sugar cubes, 0,5l (18 ounces) of water and 2 tbs of ketchup.

Folks in prison also go with yeast, aka bread slices, or whatever will increase content of alcohol, but we won’t go hardcore.

So let’s start, peel oranges, cut them, put in the bag, seal the bag. When it’s done now beat your cellmate with it. Or well, use your fists and mash those oranges. Now, run it under hot water for 30min. (You can leave it in the sink, water will remain hot enough).


Now, you want to wrap it in a towel and stash it somewhere guards won’t find.

You don’t want to spend a single night in solitary confinement, don’t you?


For other two days, repeat process of running it under hot water and towel wrap.

On a third, add sugar and ketchup.


Run under hot water for an hour.


Now, wrap it in a towel, for the

next three days run under hot water and let the gas out once in a while.


There will be a lot of gas… Trust me.

When all these long 7 days have passed,
use colander to separate liquid from fruit mash.



It does taste pretty well. But keep in mind it is a highly caloric dense drink.

Also for those who live in Norway, it is legal for personal use and you’re not going over some insane alcohol percentages, and here I doubt booze will be above 12-18%.

Thanks for reading, hope it was “intedasting”.

Aidas Sungaila

Jack of all trades. www.barbfintess.me

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