How I Got Rid Of Insecurity & Got My “Fat-Ass” To The Gym

Now, I am a story teller, so I don’t skip to the end without mentioning crucial details. If not for my advisers, this would’ve been thrice longer. Anyhow, new people see me nowadays and think things came easily, that I was never fat and always loved to pump my biceps. WRONG, I probably hate the gym now even more than ever, but boy do I love the results.

Being fat is a nightmare. It’s true, we make up opinions in our heads and feel as if everyone is judging us and thinks that we are unattractive. You might feel like no woman or man will ever be capable of loving you. It’s been a while for me now, but I still remember it as if it was yesterday. I was hanging out with a crowd of my peers. It was sunny, and one guy took off his shirt; another did it and so did I. And that’s where things got weird. So those two guys were lean compared to me, they were ca. 70 kilos, exercised, had good genetics and potential. And I had way more mass, but I had a “flab”, not a six pack, and it got me insecure. However this does not happen at the beach, where a bunch of simple people hang out and variety goes from skinny to fat.


And that issue at that point got me wondering, how can I help it? How can I stop giving a fuck? I know, it’s easier said than done, but there is a way. Stop hanging out only with people who look better than you. Have some chubby folks to join you.


However don’t get it twisted. Find a social circle that suits your body appearance yet has the same mindset as you do, people who are working on becoming healthier.

But what helped me to overcome my insecurity and gave me the feeling I should work out for myself was when I was 16 in Tenerife. Not to sound smug, but the fact is, I have a beautiful fucking face, period. Once, in a swimming pool, a girl and I had a connection. She was staring at my face, and she was with two guys who were lean in athletic form. And yeah, there were more fat people. However, that happened thanks to my beautiful fucking face, so if you don’t have one, sorry. I can’t help you. But yeah jokes aside…

One evening as I was going home, there were two drunk girls (one was obvious cock blocker / snorlax), but the mighty power of the thirst didn’t stop the cute one from inviting me to their hotel room. First, they catcalled me and asked how to get to the hotel, and when I showed them, she told me that I can come in as she grabbed my arm.  Long story short, I ditched them because I was still really young and insecure.

It got me thinking, “Huh, I have personality and am pretty rational. So if I can get a girl to like me without having a beach body, what if I fulfill my dream and start looking like one of my childhood heroes: Prince of Persia, Marvel heroes, Scorpion King etc.” So yeah, I decided that I should try it out for that case.


And no, I did not wait for vacation to be over, I did not hesitate.

There was a shitty gym in the hotel; underground. It was not even a hotel it was more like apartments with kitchen, balcony etc. It was pretty nice, but it was not a hotel.

So I went down to that shitty gym and there was dust everywhere. The gym included: Chest machine, bench press and a leg extension machine. And that was it. Didn’t stop me. I worked my ass off at those machines as soon as I could with pure pleasure. Later I kept on with my regular daily habits: eating, gaming etc.

Fast forward 6 months later. Everyone was complimenting me in the style of “Holy shit dude! Did you turn your fat into muscle? What the heck, man?” Surely, a good part of that I can thank my genetics because few get that boost in 6x months, even though I benched three to five times per week.

So, that’s how I got on with my fat acceptance. That was the start of my fitness journey. Let’s be honest, you can’t think about your body in a healthy way if you are insecure and depressed about it.

However if you are more than chubby, closer to being obese, I don’t know how to help you besides advise you this one simple trick: “Starting cooking your own food”. Put effort into it, and I don’t mean quick semi-ready to eat pizzas and burgers. When I talk about cooking I mean, picking a packet of mozzarella cheese, getting tomatoes, cooking yourself some noodles, chopping them all together, adding a small spoon of butter and cheese etc.  Watch some culinary shows, because if you’re a grown human being, you must be able to feed yourself with decent food. You can’t keep munching hotpockets, hotdogs and burgers. That’s not a diet for an adult, but for a 10 year old.


In summary what you can take away from this article is the following:

  • Pick right social circles. Usually people don’t care, but, in your head you are still feeling insecure and painting pictures gloom and dark. You can’t on your own start not giving a genuine fuck.
  • Having a beautiful, clean face with a nice personality helps as well. I.e. don’t touch your face with dirty hands and enjoy helping people and brighten up their lives with your presence.
  • There is absolutely no excuse for not cooking your own food, sure sometimes get a donut or whatever, that’s fine. But your mother is no longer there to cook for you. Also with cooking, you can even make broccoli taste like a lasagna, and with time you will find a way to consume all your meals with a reduced calorie content by making adjustments while keeping them highly nutritious.

Aidas Sungaila

Jack of all trades. www.barbfintess.me


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