Give Less Of A Fuck About Muscles and More About Lifting.

I tell a good part of my clients straight forward that I don’t give a damn about their “newly popped muscles” or whenever they flex and tell me to look.

There is just something completely idiotic and moronic about standing and observing yourself in the mirror or touching your arms and wishing they were bigger. Not even mentioning that it’s probably more narcissistic than taking 2k selfies a day.

Well, to begin with, I no longer care about muscle size or muscle proportion. No it’s not because of external issues, or well it is; other people. At parties or in clubs, people always want to compare arms, boast about their numbers and so on. Well, for the most part they as you’ve probably guessed, never squatted and have a body fat above 22% but that’s none of my issues.  However for the most part I simply don’t see the need in boasting and praising how better I am than others. Or fall in love with myself. 

“Alright, then what is your advice?”

Well first of all, focus on exercising and lifting heavy stuff, while not observing yourself cautiously in the mirror. Do you really believe it’s healthy to stare at yourself as a maniac observing his prey? It can’t be! Secondly, being hyped about working out and simply lifting just because you want to be strong and deal with it like a daily routine while keeping some pride in it, is in my opinion the best solution to not be hooked on body dysmorphia, or at least be hooked for the lesser one.
You could also try to train things that are not famous or praised so much. I.e. legs. You see that girl working over 10x variations on her legs and back? Do some of that, sacrifice a bit from your upper body days. You can always get back and pump up your arms and delts, you sure as hell wont lose much of muscle and even if you’ll do, it will be easy to regain it back. In short, don’t be a bitch. Anyway, exercise the rest of your body and god knows, you might find joy and feeling of relief.

But please, under no circumcises stare in the mirror every day, it will be your pet peeve. In the end, even if you will succeed, you will resemble nothing else but a mere 40 yr old who has huge arms and nothing else going in his boring life.



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