Fitness success is simple

When will I finally look like that?! 

I understand the frustration and everything.But there is really no pill or shortcut here. It’s all angles, lighting and for freakish look, few grams of AAS(Androgenic anabolic steroids.) But, even steroids are just shitty red blood cell count raising mechanism for the most part. I know tons of guys who use them yet still fail to look good or become any stronger.


For muscle gain.
– Lift, fuel up, suffer. Repeat.

For six pack there is another scenario.
– Eating less, lift and suffer. Repeat


It’s all about suffering and overcoming. During the hardest days when one would rather do anything else but go to the gym, but goes anyway, he grows the most. When one can’t handle dieting anymore and wish to binge on that Ben & Jerrys pint, you have to remind yourself that exactly at that point your body getting rid of fat.

Really just like studying. You don’t quit when it gets exhaustively hard, right? You take a deep breath, make yourself a coffee, consume a snickers bar before getting back to reading then you nap and repeat.

Get in any routine and stay with it for a decent amount of time. To start with a topic, one begins anywhere a mentor/coach/teacher/friend will advise.

People survived during WW2 in imprisonment during hard labors eating nothing else but rotten potatoes, expired lard and grass. Do you really think that one will hurt himself in someway by exercising too hard or not eating enough when he can’t even be bothered to walk an extra mile? Please… If something he only will progress. You don’t need to know much to get solid results.
Now, there are always exceptions. Some people get injured easily, extremely small amount though, and I am yet to witness in real life that it would happen due to exercising. But most just don’t train hard enough to actually have the need for recovery  so they just stay on the same old spot. Remember pumping =/= training.

Learn technique, get popular routine or a popular coach, obey.

Now, from personal experience. I was literally getting shitfaced for two months and lifting through the hangover, stuffing my mouth with donuts, pizzas, ribs and beer 24/7. Now, My weight has gone from 83,5kg to 84,5kg.
How did I do that as an ex fat ass kid? Elementary my dear Watson, when it’s your lifestyle, and you kill yourself in the gym and already are packed with muscle. Your body couldn’t care less where it receives calories from, as long as you use them up. Think about it, farmers in Moldova with solid six-pack abs and muscular arms simply consume pork and drink wine daily yet look better than the majority of gym rats who have spent years of training and drinking magical drinks they’ve got from sport nutrition web stores.

Now, the selfies and instagram. After you’ll legitimately lift for a minimum of 6 months you will notice how differently you look during workout and when you chill at home. For a picture one can always flex up and hold his breath, angles for pictures and lighting it all does magic.

Just take a look at these pictures from the Festival.

14163732_1036835726435087_1388687786_o 13882459_1015695345215792_1502450594369046296_n


On the first one I do in fact look like a typical skinny guy. Now, on the second one with better lighting and flexing we have a different picture.

So here you have it folks, success behind fitness.

Aidas Sungaila

Jack of all trades. www.barbfintess.me

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  1. Good stuff, pretty much everyone i know wish for results within two weeks! Also i take same 6pack festivals pics. lol

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