Extreme Diets Are Not So Extreme, You Are Just A Wimp

I keep seeing non-stop critique of Rapid Fat Loss and PSMF diet, usually from people who never managed it properly. I’ve attended a few seminars were “fitness elites” were against it as well. Let me tell you this, there is no established AXIOM of how low one can go without any side effects for health. Of course, you should always talk with your doctor prior going for any diet what so ever, but still…

People use such arguments as “one gets fully adapted to low calories”. Oh man… Were do I start with this one?

Alright… Firstly, you are trying to tell me that the cure for obesity would consist of simply staying on so called “Extreme diet” for long enough? If humanity can adapt to dramatically low calories then I think we have a cure to world hunger. Plz share. thx.

Secondly, I doubt that it’s truly extreme, studies were done on far lower calories. Like one two weeks research was done on 200g protein (or something) based of whey powder, Lyle McDonald went deeper on it. In short, muscle mass remained and weight went down for a week after, when participants returned to daily maintenance calories.

After all, if people could survive in Russia during WW2 on rotten potatoes and water, or in Japan camps on a bowl of rice a day and weighting near bone fucking mass while working and being exploited and get back to normal weight when they got home post war, you sure as hell can survive on 200g of protein, essential fats and essential minerals.

And as always, there are exceptions where people fuck themselves up or injure. But then again, people play soccer where one can literally fall down and smash his head  in another child’s head, cause internal brain bleeding and die. So why not just build a titanium suit and stay at home?

Anyhow, it’s up to people if they want to starve themselves for 4-6 months instead of 2. Some may mention muscle loss, but then again, why even give a fuck if you have muscle memory? I am not saying it’s optimal for bodybuilding show preparation, but it’s sure as fuck won’t kill or turn you into a walking skeleton. Unless you were genetically wronged, but I am pretty sure by now your doctors would ring all bells.


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