That Time I’ve Had Dinner With An Actual Racist

It was a rainy day, so eventually we went to the mall, a person who I was about to meet shared some history with me. We sat at a table next to an open arch window where we could see families and people walking around with shopping bags, laughing and chatting.

Said person was in his forties, pretty jacked and recently out of prison.  As we went deeper into conversation, it turned out he was really racist, even though that’s normal for the older generation of Eastern Europe as its ethnicity is based of white people for 99.9% as was their media.
So as we were having a casual dinner and going on different topics he began asking me questions on controversial topics regarding people of African descent. I could not utter a single word in protection to those idiotic questions from the beginning, as he would interrupt me and go with the most ignorant and misinformed answers to his own questions. Yet as I was raised in those parts I knew what the stigma was like, I knew that it was all out of pure ignorance. However I would not be writing this if something extraordinary did not occur that day.

So it did, as we were sitting there and me trying to come up with any reasonable sense that could brighten up his mind. A bunch of 17-19 year old came running nearby, they were fooling around three meters in front of our window with a ball of regular paper, probably thorn out of their notebooks. A few moments later I began to get to the edge of my patience. As all of a sudden a paper flew nearly into our window I was ready to blow up. And at the same moment my pretty racist companion uttered “What the hell is wrong with them”…”How old are they?”… “Maybe they’re from the foster house?”… “Yes perhaps that’s it, there is really no other reason to hang out here, otherwise their homes aren’t welcoming.”

I was astonished.  “I”, who a moment ago was judging him for his prejudice, been bent down into my own pile of wrongs. Just a minute ago he who was judging people solely based of their skin color, all of a sudden showed ineffable magnanimity to annoying teens. At that point I could not grasp, how a person who a minute ago said such idiotic things could have such empathy and compassion in his heart for absolutely random people? Would he still have it if there was multicultural society there? God knows. But one thing for sure, nobody in West would wait for a second to question history of those teens. People would have either sworn them off or wait in anger and temptation for them to begone.


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