Daily reminder to stop being a BITCH.

There is no need to be. I could just stop there.

It’s like crying over spilled milk. We often tend to over dramatize our shitty situations. I’ve damaged my car twice this week, both of my legs and lower back are inflamed, so what?  You don’t cry over spilled milk.

Many would appeal to cliche argument “things could be worse” but that just raises plank higher of being a little bitch. (Don’t get me wrong, horrible things tend to happen, and it’s okay to cry your eyes out.)

Instead, I would like to say that life is just like that. We have ups and downs and receive valuable lessons. I do understand that you can’t simply be happy in a shitty situation. However, you still can enjoy nature, music, morning cereal, a nice booty or Danger and Play article.

“Aidas, I get the point, but how do I feel happy?”

You can’t feel happy til you don’t let it go.

Okay, shit has happened, can you do something about it? Like … right now? If no then relax,  grab yourself a cup of Irish coffee. Yes, you will still think about it but doing some sort of activity will get you distracted from making a huge clusterfuck in your mind, I prefer to watch few series of How I Met Your Mother or cook to some nice grooves.


However the…

ULTIMATE achievement of not being a bitch, is that you wont drive good people out of your life.

Remember, if you don’t want to stop being a bitch for yourself, do it at least for other people, the people you care about, you love, your idols, your heroes. Think about it, if they had met you in that state, would they want to be around you? Would anyone want to be around you?

And that goes both ways. Let’s say you do everything well, but if you have that shitty attitude people won’t like to be around you. I wish I could say that I am zen twenty-four on seven, but I’m not. I bitch, I cry, however I try to recover as fast as I can and I make sure to set myself right with everyone.

Aidas Sungaila

Jack of all trades. www.barbfintess.me

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