Coffee for Pre Workout – a Meme?

I assume that my readers know what PWO is and been using both coffee and caffeine products for a good while. And by this point you’ve probably heard many times from the gurus on few grams of anabolic steroids how Pre Workout is dangerous for your overall well being and how coffee is all you need. Key word: coffee and not ‘caffeine’. In this article, I’ll try to debunk and cover both coffee and PWO’s without boring you to the death.


Main thoughts
One of the best things about coffee is that it contains anti-oxidant and stimulant agents. So basically it provides both abilities, to improve performance during a resistance exercise while at the same time providing health benefits. It can aid in restoring insulin, provide fat burning effect (mainly due to thermodynamics), protect against type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, you name it.

Sure, some don’t care about health, however despite the hate many educated and sponsor-less experts love PWO’s. Yet sometimes here and there we will hear how a popular brand becomes accused of adding micro dosage of an illegal or alike substance to their PWO’s. Does it mean all PWO’s contain traces of meth and cannabis in them? Hell no.

One thing I can agree on for sure, is that PWO’s do extend your sleep quality further from caffeine. For example, in this study mentioned here, different ratios of caffeine to taurine did some wonders for the sleep in quite an interesting way. And there is much more about stimulants what remains unknown.


Synergy of substances.

The hardest part about choosing a PWO product is reading labels and calculating/googling if it’s worth your shilling, my old coach and friend Russell tells everyone to always check for L-tyrosine, which is basically stimulatory which has supposed effect of activating metabolic pathways. It may thus theoretically interact with other stimulatory pharma or supplements. In other words, this is another main ingredient besides caffeine and taurine.What you should absolutely not’ focus on would be Creatine and Beta Alanine. I personally do feel tingling from B-Alanine, but unfortunately it’s not something that works from the get go. Exactly like Creatine one could take it in the morning, evening or whenever he wishes, it won’t provide any effect if digested right prior workout. Many PWO’s are under dosed, so check for approx 150-300mg of caffeine and Tyrosine would be 2-3g.
Basic advice in regards to timing for Pre workouts, coffee and energy drinks is to take them 35 minutes before workout.However, from experience some PWO’s tend to kick in within a minute same with caffeine pills. Yet coffee on the other hand takes much longer, but for me as avid drinker it would be around 15 minutes.

Here’s a website to check out for yourself quantity which you ‘can’ consume and which will end you.


To sum it all up
PWO is still times better to get you going thanks for the synergy of substances. Coffee may beat a poor PWO, yet most of the time it’s just a drink with positive outcomes and five times less caffeine. Stuff like Creatine and B-Alanine got no business in PWO, until there will be data on that, supplement companies are simply doing marketing or trying to pull a freaking Jedi order by predicting future of science. But yes, we don’t know a lot. But things like drinking a cup of coffee prior workout wouldn’t hurt you, would it?

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