These two are my favorites and going to stay so, simply because both had spine injuries and train through them. Dima even have lost his fingers for few hours. Now, there is no excuse on age or “injury”.

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Dima, 33

This badass added some solid strength in just 3 months and he brought all of his notes. (First frame) His lifts for 5 reps went like:
Squat 85kg to 120kg  Bench press 100kg to 110kg, Deadlift 100kg to 150kg.  Second Frame was more about definition and becoming lean while minimizing muscle loss.


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Eimantas, 44

He had only one goal, to get leaner. On the after picture he was sick for entire month and had only two sessions, still rocked it! Most of bodybuilding “trainers” told him to use steroids, otherwise he wouldn’t ever achieve anything physique wise. Well, as you’ve guessed he was beyond happy with results. In the beginning he had many doubts and always debated on different topics and issues. It was nice experience.

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