Athletes Know That Training For The Goal Will And Should Suck

Many instances where people were complaining about things not going right, or how technique was not on point yet, so they were seeking solution where it was no other but to grind through it. Your workout should suck otherwise you need a new workout sheet. Any experienced athlete will always feel some sort of discomfort, doesn’t matter for how long he’ll warm up or how many times he will practice certain movement, things won’t go smoothly and they shouldn’t.

You will be able to put up more kilos, but the pain will remain there. And with time it will still remain a chore. No matter how huge or athletic you will become you will still be tired, you will hate workouts. After all muscles are nothing more than a result of constant progression of strength training or in the case of well trained people, maintenance of the regime.


Let’s strip it down to what you will experience after years of solid training:

  • Working load must go up. In other words constant progression should be done. Sometimes “X” exercise will suffer while another will prevail.
  • You will feel tired after workout. Not sore, sore is a thing of a first week.
  • You will always have weak spots.
  • You will constantly need more complex programming, on a contrary to the beginning where you can do the same shit for months and keep on progressing.

Why am I renouncing people from believing in a future where they are lean and jacked year round without any issues? Well because those things are total bullshit. And people who don’t see that, who believe those things, are more likely to quit and think that something is wrong with them. “How is everyone so happy and cheerful while I am here alone in agony and forever tired?! Oh how weak is my willpower..”

It’s a depressing thinking, if workouts will forever suck and our energy will be forever drained, so we will hate our lives forever?

No, not at all.

Just understand that it’s an effort that you should put up with till the end of your life. As if brushing your teeth or showering. Just don’t lie to yourself about how all things should go smoothly, or will go smoothly for that matter.

To quote Marcus Aurelius

“This is a dead fish. A dead bird. A dead pig…this noble vintage is grape juice, and the purple robes are sheep wool dyed with shellfish blood.”

Marcus Aurelius still enjoyed his nice meal. I still enjoy my workout and  the results I get. But I don’t try to sugar coat it, training wont get easier and lifts won’t feel comfortable. Face it and relax.

Aidas Sungaila

Jack of all trades. www.barbfintess.me

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